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03 January 2017

The Role of Packaging in Limiting Climate Change

Elizabeth Comere explores food and beverage packaging choices as an important part of the solution to climate change in her latest article featured in Triple Pundit. 
06 September 2017

The world built by connected consumers

We live in a time when trust in traditional media is at an all-time low. Who, then, are people listening to when forming opinions and making purchasing decisions? Super Leaders – a newly defined digital community of early adopters and brand amplifiers. Find out how you can engage the cream of the connected consumers in our newly released Tetra Pak Index 2017.

09 August 2017

Making milk last: How continuous filling revolutionized dairy

Dairy milk hasn’t always been the convenient beverage it is today. Swedish Tetra Pak founder Ruben Rausing had an idea to create a package to store milk that was made with minimal material but still delivered maximum hygiene.
19 July 2017

Eco-Innovation at Tetra Pak Featured in Circular Economy Case Study Report

A world without waste holds untold benefits for our environment and contributes to sustained protection of the world’s precious natural resources. To get there, companies are pushing to achieve greater productivity and eliminate inefficiencies, and in doing so, realizing the economic reward that comes from these practices.
29 June 2017

“Northern Coconut Water,” Asian Flavors and More: Ingredient Trends with Chef Peter

What’s the next coconut water? Are the early 2000s back in all their sushi-eating, Sriracha-slathered glory? These burning questions and more were answered by Peter Brunkestam, development chef, Tetra Pak Recart.
14 June 2017

Making Packaging Do More for the Environment

The food and beverage industry is evolving rapidly, as are available packaging options. Innovation and adaptation have become a top priority as companies strive to provide greater product value and meet consumers’ evolving demands for packaging that is convenient to use, fit for purpose, and environmentally friendly. Here's a look at some trends we're seeing.