24 July 2017

Reducing Food Waste from Farm to Consumer

Ways Tetra Pak is involved in minimizing food waste throughout the value chain
12 July 2016

The Packaged Tomato: A Chef’s Best Friend

Chefs have an interesting relationship with the tomato. When you want to do a nice sauce in the winter, you find yourself cursing the watery tomatoes grown in Sweden and yearning for the ripe, sun-warmed varieties in France or Italy.

The packaged tomato, on the other hand, is a Nordic chef’s best friend. Tailor-made for preservation, the tomato transforms during its shelf life and becomes very tasty and useful. Because of packaged options, we can cook without compromise all year round.
19 May 2016

Food safety: Think ahead to prevent falling behind

Food recalls add up—costing businesses about $20 billion each year in the U.S. alone, points out the Wipro consultancy. Account for lost sales, potential health risks, exposure to litigation and damage to a company’s reputation, and it becomes clear that stepping up food safety is critical.
18 December 2015

What customers want

Want to see a healthy increase in your sales? Add natural and/or healthy foods and beverages to your product mix. Sales in this category are expected to reach $226 billion by 2018, according to New Hope Natural Media, organizer of Natural Products Expo West.
15 December 2015

Healthy foods aren't always healthy: CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains why

You may think alfalfa sprouts and tomatoes are great for you. Not so, according to a recent CNN story. Sprouts are a surprisingly frequent cause of food-borne illnesses. And for tomatoes, the health benefits you receive can depend on packaging.
01 December 2015

Halal and kosher foods are going mainstream

Once given little significance and scant shelf space, much like organic foods, foods with halal and kosher approval are now taking entire aisles by storm as manufacturers and brands swiftly increase their certified offerings. Now "one-third to one-half of the food in a typical American supermarket is kosher," points out Sue Fishkoff, author of "Kosher Nation," in Businessweek.
02 November 2015

Food safety and sustainability is a balancing act

American consumers demand a lot out of the foods and beverages they purchase. About 93% of shoppers surveyed by Cone Communications are mindful of product safety, while 77% cite sustainability as a top-of-mind concern. Recognizing the close relationship between food safety and sustainability is key to business success, note various industry leaders.
21 August 2014

Natural foods will hit $226B by 2018

Have natural foods gone mainstream? It sure seems so when mainstream retailers are jumping in to compete with natural foods experts like Whole Foods Market. Consumers can now find natural products at retailers catering to all income levels—and are.
22 May 2014

Natural foods’ definition up for debate

With a market value that's expected to reach $226 billion by 2018 according to New Hope Natural Media, and a growth rate projected to hit almost 16 percent for the next four years running according to Research and Markets, the natural and organic category is the Powerball of the food and beverage industry. What red-blooded American company wouldn’t want to try winning market share with its own 'natural' products?
11 March 2014

Food and beverage industry: How FDA’s new labels affect you

With a proposed new label design that gives the Nutrition Facts on packaged foods and beverages their most sweeping update in more than two decades, the Obama administration is trying to make good on its promise to make Americans healthier. News reports stress that "Americans are in for a reality check" -but so is the food and beverage industry if and when the changes take place.