06 September 2017

The world built by connected consumers

We live in a time when trust in traditional media is at an all-time low. Who, then, are people listening to when forming opinions and making purchasing decisions? Super Leaders – a newly defined digital community of early adopters and brand amplifiers. Find out how you can engage the cream of the connected consumers in our newly released Tetra Pak Index 2017.

19 July 2017

Eco-Innovation at Tetra Pak Featured in Circular Economy Case Study Report

A world without waste holds untold benefits for our environment and contributes to sustained protection of the world’s precious natural resources. To get there, companies are pushing to achieve greater productivity and eliminate inefficiencies, and in doing so, realizing the economic reward that comes from these practices.
29 June 2017

“Northern Coconut Water,” Asian Flavors and More: Ingredient Trends with Chef Peter

What’s the next coconut water? Are the early 2000s back in all their sushi-eating, Sriracha-slathered glory? These burning questions and more were answered by Peter Brunkestam, development chef, Tetra Pak Recart.
26 May 2017

How the Beverage Business Could be Impacted by Regulation

Lawmakers worldwide are considering, and in some cases passing, policies regulating sugar-sweetened beverages. In this article, we look at how legislation around the world is affecting the industry. 
17 May 2017

Circular Economy, Sustainable Materials Management, and the Importance of KPIs

Adam Gendell, Associate Director at the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC), shared with us his take on a SustPack 2017 session about packaging and metrics, in which Jason Pelz, VP of Environment for Tetra Pak Americas, was a panelist. Adam gets at the importance of having a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) to guide and measure progress in sustainable packaging, and Jason’s explanation of how Tetra Pak applies its own KPIs. This piece originally appeared on SPC’s Green Blue blog.
28 March 2017

Tetra Pak Expands Services Offering for Food And Beverage Manufacturers

Tetra Pak® is now offering a full array of services to help food and beverage manufacturers achieve world-class manufacturing operations. These products and services go beyond providing parts and maintenance to offer full plant solutions and guidance from knowledgeable experts.

01 March 2017

How great package design helps milk get noticed

This is an excerpt from an article originally published in Dairy Foods on March 1, 2017.
28 February 2017

Get Ready for ProFood Tech 2017: The Most Comprehensive Show for Food and Bev Processing

ProFood Tech is a brand new event designed to offer the most comprehensive view of food and beverage processing in North America. In this Q&A, Jim Pittas, Vice President, Trade Shows, for PMMI, discusses what we can expect from ProFood Tech. 
20 February 2017

Creating the Land of Milk and Honey: Tetra Pak at the 2017 IDFA Dairy Forum

Tetra Pak's VP of Marketing Chris Gretchko talked dairy trends at the 2017 IDFA Dairy Forum, held in January. View her presentation to find out more about how the latest dairy trends are poised to influence the growth of the dairy category.
16 February 2017

A Bold New Take on Traditional Packaging

Wine has been associated with a glass bottle for centuries, but even that long history can’t save it from a shake-up. The bottle is making room for boxes, cans and cartons, thanks to changing consumer attitudes and some adventurous brands willing to ditch the conventional classic.