07 September 2016

Getting More From Less

Elisabeth Comere, our Director of Environment & Government Affairs, discusses why investments in sustainable packaging are essential and highlights the benefits of sustainable packaging in a cost constrained world.
09 August 2016

Why Paring Down Ingredients Attracts Consumers

Eliseo Barcas, Tetra Pak’s vice president of sales, explores the popularity of paring down ingredients, and shares tips for delivering packaged or preserved products to meet this demand in the article Why Paring down Ingredients Attracts Consumers featured on Food Dive.
12 July 2016

The Packaged Tomato: A Chef’s Best Friend

Chefs have an interesting relationship with the tomato. When you want to do a nice sauce in the winter, you find yourself cursing the watery tomatoes grown in Sweden and yearning for the ripe, sun-warmed varieties in France or Italy.

The packaged tomato, on the other hand, is a Nordic chef’s best friend. Tailor-made for preservation, the tomato transforms during its shelf life and becomes very tasty and useful. Because of packaged options, we can cook without compromise all year round.
11 July 2016

Reducing Our Impact with Water Recovery

Amid rising prices and growing water scarcity, food manufacturers around the world are finding ways to increase their system-wide water efficiencies through recycling programs and other initiatives. 

In this article, we explore specific water conservation practices to help companies better manage resources and meet water recovery goals. 
27 June 2016

Online grocery means growth for CPG; Capitalize on the trend

The days where shoppers wander the grocery aisles and squeeze the produce are becoming less common. For instance, a 2013 survey of professionals by the Center for Creative Leadership found that 60 percent of those who carry a smartphone are connected to their jobs about 72 hours a week.
15 June 2016

How Dairy Brands can Reach Health-Conscious Millennials

Millennials (individuals born between 1982 and 2004) are a discerning group of consumers – foodies who care as much about health as they do about their meals. In fact, the majority (63%) see food and drink as a way to improve their health. As a result, millennials are reaching for healthy, on-the-go options that not only suit their busy lifestyles, but provide healthy dietary staples. 
13 June 2016

Package design trends in review

Tetra Pak's team carefully considers consumer trends in each new package design. Learn more in this article, which the company's Consumer Intelligence Director, Michela Vallalta, recently contributed to Soft Drinks International.
06 June 2016

4 ingredient trends: A recipe for future success

The days of the meat-and-potatoes diet are over—modern Americans want variety in their food and beverage consumption. With shoppers often seeking products with different flavors, producers need to keep up with emerging ingredient trends.
18 May 2016

Maximizing Profitability: A Unique Perspective in Asset Management

In part three of the Tetra Pak 'Insight to Asset Management' video series, Tetra Pak experts offer a unique perspective in the field of asset management to help manufacturers take control of their business and unlock greater value.
09 May 2016

Utilizing Asset Management to Improve Operations

In part two of the ‘Tetra Pak Insight to Asset Management’ video series, industry experts explain how to utilize asset management to improve operations, providing the framework to be competitive within the industry.