18 December 2015

Single women are an overlooked $50B goldmine

"Sex and the City" got at least one thing right about single women - they have an impressive amount of disposable income, a fact that marketers should take to heart. And they have more than just Manolo Blahniks in their shopping bags: An estimated 31 million single women ages 27 and up spend $50 billion per year in the U.S. on food and beverages according to trend-watcher Phil Lempert. 
18 December 2015

Clean eating fans favor 5 ingredients

Here’s a new way to eat in two words: 5 ingredients. On award-winning food writer Michael Pollan’s "7 Rules for Eating"—which were first published in his 2009 bestselling book In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto--it’s rule no. 2. His ideas helped spur the clean eating movement, and now food and beverage producers, from the biggest baby food brands to cutting edge restaurants to avant-garde breweries, are catching up. 
18 December 2015

Low Cost is an Operational Necessity and Key to Sustainable Profit Growth

Economic contractions are among the most challenging environments that business leaders face. But it is important to resist the self-defeating temptation to put off all new investments, which stifles growth and hampers sustainability.
18 December 2015

Beverage packagers: It’s time to think small

As Baby Boomers age and "Millennials" delay marriage, these two dominating consumer groups are shaping what has become a very large “smaller living” trend in America, opening up new, uncontested and increasingly hard­-to-­find-­market space in an otherwise highly competitive, overcrowded global food and beverage industry.
16 December 2015

Grow food and beverage sales with nutritionally enhanced foods

With obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and more life-threatening conditions on the rise, and medical costs increasing, the movement to improve health and prevent disease by eating right has spurred a host of food-related remedies. Trawl the grocery store aisle, and there’s a proliferation of products for cleansing, improving digestion and overall well-being -otherwise known as functional foods.
16 December 2015

Buying groceries online: The impact for retailers

Recent reports note that Amazon.com is about to expand its online grocery business in a big way. The news is further fuel for the fire that has brick-and-mortar retailers scrambling to adapt and find their footing in the quickly expanding virtual marketplace.
14 December 2015

Grab and go sales soar: How to take advantage of this beverage growth trend

Do you eat and drink on the run? Welcome to the club. Millions of us tote snacks and beverages along when we go to work, run errands, head to meetings and more.
01 December 2015

Functional foods may offset $3.8B health care costs

Functional foods can offer consumers a broad range of range of benefits, from fiber and probiotics that aid digestion to nutritional enhancements that can help treat or alleviate symptoms of various conditions and diseases. So, for many, functional foods can improve general heath and wellbeing. And for some, they can be a legitimate alternative to medications.
01 December 2015

Moms like Jessica Alba favor companies with a cause

Want to reach today's moms and the dollars they wield? Savvy marketers are finding success by adopting a cause. A recent study shows 92 percent of mothers want to buy products that support causes and 95 percent of them find the tactic acceptable.
01 December 2015

Millennials: Sell the pleasure, not the guilt

It may seem counter-intuitive, especially given Millennials’ $1 trillion a year buying ‘habit,’ but nearly 40 percent of our nation’s 80 million Millennials are unemployed, according to a Pew Research Center report released late last year. And a third of those young adults are still living at home with their parents. Still, this doesn't seem to be stopping them from spending like it’s going out of style.