03 July 2014

Look out, Millennials. There’s a new Generation Z with a whole new mindset when it comes to food and beverage choices. 
Generation Z, which includes people born between 1996 and 2009, has grown up with the rise of the local food movement, fears about obesity rates that have tripled since 1980, and celebrity chefs serving up home cooking with fresh ingredients.
With this new generation come a few new ideas about healthy cooking. For example, Gen Z prefers cooking on the stove top and natural foods over the convenience of prepared foods, are more likely to be vegetarian, and are more willing to pay extra for organic and natural products.
What does this mean for food and beverage brands who want to stay relevant? First, choosing packaging that protects nutrients, avoids preservatives and retains flavor is an appearling approach. See our report, Americans’ Quest For Fresh Food Impacts Packaging, for more details. 

Gen Z also wants food and beverage companies to serve up interesting offerings that can be incorporated into homemade meals. Soups, broths, sauces, vegetables, beans and flavored syrups can be added to cook-at-home and stove-top dishes and fit this niche.

Finally, Gen Z wants to eat and drink in smaller amounts more frequently, and on the go. It’s critical for the industry to keep developing snack-size portions, which support the trend of eating smaller mini-meals throughout the day and consuming snacks at meal times.
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