14 December 2015

Do you eat and drink on the run? Welcome to the club. Millions of us tote snacks and beverages along when we go to work, run errands, head to meetings and more.

No wonder ‘grab-and-go’ packaged beverages are growing at a far higher rate than the beverage category as a whole.

The single largest ‘grab-and-go’ beverage segment today, energy shots and drinks, now represents a full third of the entire beverage market, according to IRI figures, while other categories, such as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ products, are showing steady, upward growth.

In truth, eating and drinking ‘on-the-go’ has been a popular trend for years, with a recent survey by GfK Ropers Reports Worldwide indicating that 72 percent of consumers expect to continue to ‘take away’ with the same or more frequency in the next year.


But today, drinks have become more specialized than ever to play into the various needs of consumers. Today, ‘grab-and-go’ beverages are combining a range of qualities, from convenience and taste to health and functional benefits, all packaged in easy to use and environmentally friendly containers.

So how to tap into the trend? Beverage stands and coolers have become the cornerstones of many checkout aisles, notes Tetra Pak Vice President of Marketing and Product Management Suley Muratoglu; but to quench consumers’ growing thirst for ‘grab-and-go’ drinks, manufacturers and retailers must do more than offer convenience. They must keep hydration and nutrition in mind; focus on natural and organic ingredients; right size to meet the needs of various market segments—from kids to adults of all ages; and use green packaging. And they must continue to keep up on how each one of these factors continues to influence rapid change in the seemingly unstoppable ‘grab-and-go’ market.

To get more substantive information on each of the four points above, read the entire article here, as published by Food & Beverage Packaging, June 20, 2013.

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