16 February 2016
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We’ve come a long way since the invention of our first carton package more than 50 years ago.

That breakthrough innovation prompted us to continue evolving and growing – both for our business and also to serve our customers’ evolving needs.

Decades later, we are just as inspired by our founding principle today as we were then – that big ideas, when transformed with insights and commitment, spark success – and that is the motivation behind “Ideas Unpacked” today.

“Ideas Unpacked,” a natural evolution of our “Doing What’s Good” blog, represents the crossroads where we hope to add value and inspire innovation in the food and beverage industry throughout all steps of the supply chain. We know you can get news and facts from many different sources. What makes Ideas Unpacked different is that we’re not simply reporting on the industry; we’re part of it.

"Ideas Unpacked" is a destination for industry-leading expertise and real-world perspectives that delivers distinct, relevant insights. Every month, we’ll develop fresh content that offers deeper intelligence, analysis and best practices in areas important to the food and beverage industry. We’ll tap into our own local and global experts, but also deliver outside perspectives from others in the industry.

Our constant evolution has led us here, to “Ideas Unpacked.” Now, we have the opportunity to continue to shape the direction of our industry alongside our customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders by driving the conversation forward in areas vital to our industry: innovation, growth, food protection and sustainability. These will be the four key pillars for “Ideas Unpacked.”

Why? Because from the forest, to the factory floor, to the store shelf, to the kitchen recycling bin, we want to help our customers meet their customer’s demands and consumer expectations, and we want to contribute to the sound business decisions that empower them to do so.

One of our core values notes how we must ensure we add value and inspire our customers because we recognize that they come to us by choice. We dare to lead with a focus beyond tomorrow and take opportunities to learn and grow.

It’s a mantra we think about all the time at Tetra Pak. It’s also why we’re excited about our continuous evolution manifested through “Ideas Unpacked.”

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