06 September 2017
by Tetra Pak Editorial Team
Connected consumers spend a quarter of their waking hours online – 4.4 hours, to be exact. And 56 percent of those online hours are spent on tablets and smartphones. That’s more than two hours daily of texting and scrolling through Facebook feeds!

These statistics aren’t meant to make people change their online habits. Rather, these findings and more from the Tetra Pak Index* 2017 are meant to provide food and beverage manufacturers, brands and retailers with a closer look at connected consumers’ habits and the digital world they have created. The importance of engaging these consumers is reflective of the changing consumer journey from a relatively linear process to a complex network of multiple touch points. Consumers today search for product information before, during and after buying. Companies must adapt to people’s online behaviors in order to win their hearts, minds and wallets.

Blogs, social media and ecommerce sites would exist, of course, no matter how much time people spent online. But the power and influence of these channels is all due to the people that contribute to them, especially Super Leaders. This newly defined digital community of early adopters and brand amplifiers have become the most influential group in building – or eroding – brand preference. When engaged, these influencers can become brand advocates spreading messages, shaping opinions and helping build trust in products. Win over the Super Leaders, win the category.

To learn more about connected consumers, Super Leaders and the digital landscape they shape, view our infographic “Top 10 Insights About the Connected Consumer” and subscribe to Ideas Unpacked so you don’t miss our second installment about the key findings of the Tetra Pak Index 2017. In that, we will discuss what connected consumers want to hear and how brands can operationalize how they obtain and share that information.

* For the past 9 years Tetra Pak has produced an annual report focused on providing insights into the global trends and opportunities shaping the future of the food and drink industry. This year is our 10th edition of the Tetra Pak Index and it focuses on ‘The Connected Consumer.’

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