30 December 2015
There are about 60 million Americans between the age of 34 and 48 making up Generation X.

Sandwiched between Baby Boomers and Millennials, Gen Xers are the nation’s third largest generation and represent about 25 percent of all adults in the United States.

Recently, food and beverage marketers have focused on selling to Millennials, who have an estimated $1.3 trillion in annual spending power. Yet Generation X is next in line to succeed Baby Boomers. They currently have more spending power than any other generation, representing 29 percent of estimated net worth dollars and 31 percent of total income dollars.

Overall, research suggests the consumer behaviors and habits of Generation X and Millennials are actually quite similar.

Here are three simple strategies to consider when marketing to both age groups:

It’s all in the details
Generation X and Millennial consumers crave information. Before buying, they want to learn all they can about the food or beverage they’re considering. It’s up to producers to feed this thirst for knowledge with detailed facts on packaging labels to help them make more informed purchasing decisions.
Eagerness for experimentation
Consumers of both generations are eager to try new things. For example, the introduction of seasonal staples, like pumpkin spice, attracts generational appeal. Beverage and food companies should consider new product launches and refresh existing flavors and packages to influence their curiosity.
Online shopping has gained momentum
While there is an advantage to in-store shopping experiences, online shopping has experienced significant growth in the U.S. and is estimated to surpass 200 million consumers by the end 2015. The typical Millennial only spends about 87 percent as much in annual online purchases as a Generation X shopper. Brands should keep in mind old-school tools like attractive, informative packaging and in-store displays to grab consumers and seal the purchasing deal.
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