09 November 2017
Yes, the host of The Tonight Show did indeed cannonball into a giant pool filled with Hi-C Ecto-Cooler. It was probably an expensive stunt to pull off. But it also perfectly illustrates the power of Super Leaders.

As we revealed in our blog post introducing the 2017 Tetra Pak Index about the Connected Consumer, Super Leaders are influencers and early adopters. Brands who successfully engage them will gain strong brand advocates who spread messages, shape opinions and help build trust in the brands’ products.

Certainly, not all Super Leaders are celebrities. Most of them are average consumers. What sets them apart is spending at least six hours online a day, as our survey found, and devoting much of that time to creating content and interacting with brands:
  • 68% of Super Leaders write reviews at least monthly, with 57% doing so weekly.
  • 90% say that a reply improves their brand perception, which again underscores just how important it is both to listen to and engage with online conversations.
  • Super Leaders are more likely to comment on a positive than a negative experience - 63% versus 24%.
This content goes straight to a captive audience of connected consumers who see social media as substantially more believable than advertising – 62% versus 38%. 

So, how can brands find and engage Super Leaders? Social listening is the first step. Super Leaders who write reviews or comments tag the relevant brands at least some of the time, and just over a third always do. Our survey also found that 60% of Super Leaders post images. This reflects their desire to be seen and heard, and their expectation of getting a response: 78% say that they expect the brand to reply.

Brands must do more than simply provide marketing materials to share, they must create social experiences that boost engagement. Super Leaders require brands to create content that is meaningful, entertaining, appealing and encourages two-way interaction. Once the relationship has begun, brands can cultivate the relationship through ongoing dialogue, such as by quickly responding to their inquiries and interacting with their comments. And slowly turn those consumers into customers and brand advocates.

Our research shows that 65% of Super Leaders in the United States may also be interested in new tools like digitally printed packaging, which turns packages into a gateway for digital interaction and conversations where those consumers are.
These statistics suggest that identifying Super Leaders and providing relevant social experiences that drive engagement and two-way conversations is a winning recipe to win brand advocates. And connecting offline and online experiences in a seamless way is that final ingredient for success.
For more examples of how food and beverage companies have successfully engaged Super Leaders to reach audiences across the customer journey, download the 2017 Tetra Pak Index about the Connected Consumer.

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