09 August 2016
By Tetra Pak Editorial Team 
Today’s health-minded consumers are doing more than just scrutinizing the list of ingredients on the packaged foods they buy. They’re also looking for labels that are short, simple and clean.
The clean-label trend is guiding consumer purchasing behavior like never before. The five-ingredient rule, with products that contain fewer and more recognizable ingredients, is taking off in the food and beverage industry. At the same time, recent FDA labeling changes require a declaration of added sugars and other ingredients.
As food label awareness continues to rise, food and beverage companies should consider embracing a “less is more” approach and work to educate customers about natural ingredients.
Eliseo Barcas, Tetra Pak’s vice president of sales, explores the popularity of paring down ingredients, and shares tips for delivering packaged or preserved products to meet this demand in the article Why Paring down Ingredients Attracts Consumers featured on Food Dive.

Learn more about clean-label and the five-ingredient rule.

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