09 January 2014
Studies show packaging has less than three seconds to grab a consumer's attention, so looks count. Vita Coco has excelled in this area, winning two 2013 BevNET Awards: Best Packaging Innovation for Vita Coco Kids in the Tetra Wedge® Aseptic and Best Coffee or Coffee-based Beverage for Coco Cafe in the Tetra Prisma® Aseptic.

Vita Coco Kids in Tetra Wedge® Aseptic stands out for its ease-of-use and convenience, coming with a straw and fitting in car drink holders as well as lunch boxes. The groundbreaking beverage line blends 50 percent single strength coconut water with kicky fruit flavors that have high kid appeal. It is also the first beverage line in North America to use this modern-looking and kid-friendly carton, which BevNET noted is a “significant upgrade from juice boxes and pouches.” In the 2013 BevNET Awards, the judges considered Vita Coco Kids attractive and functional with more room for visual design. Vita Coco’s team created a package design that is clean, uncluttered and appealing to children and parents. The package also features sustainable qualities, such as a recyclable paperboard composition and no need for refrigeration during distribution and storage.

The kids’ beverage market, taking into account the adults who buy the drinks too, has recently thrived on creative flavor blends and packaging design, and the market offers still more room for growth. One thing for producers to keep in mind is that young people carry a lot of sway with their parents in the kids’ beverage aisle.

Coco Cafe Appeals for Flavor

In another of the 2013 BevNET Awards categories, and for the second year running, Coco Cafe won for the Best Coffee or Coffee-based Beverage. A coconut water café latte, Coco Cafe now comes in two new flavors: mocha and vanilla. This innovative drink, which is redefining the coconut water and coffee categories, uses the 330-milliliter Tetra Prisma® Aseptic package with the newer DreamCap top, developed specifically for on-the-go consumption. Tetra Pak designed the DreamCap, which includes a tamper-resistant front flap and eight color choices, after conducting extensive research on how consumers select and drink convenience beverages. The design supports the opening and resealing of beverages for consumption over time. Made of more than 50 percent recycled paperboard, the overall package is highly recyclable.

In all, 16 recipients earned honors in the 2013 BevNET Awards, which are considered the significant distinctions in the beverage industry. Known for its insightful coverage, BevNET informs beverage industry insiders and mainstream media through its website, events and magazine. In this year’s commentary, BevNET explored evolving trends, including beverage makers’ efforts to combine innovation with additional functionality, and more recently, producers’ concentration on drinks’ natural elements and packaging.
Tetra Pak is very proud of its packages, their environmental profile and the protection they bring to products.

Awards like these, received by Tetra Pak’s customers, show the packaging firm remains on the right track to deliver against market and consumer demands. Tetra Pak consistently helps customers’ products stand out with packaging that not only sports inventive shapes and graphics, but also earns sales for sustainability and ease-of-use.

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