07 September 2016

Getting More From Less

Elisabeth Comere, our Director of Environment & Government Affairs, discusses why investments in sustainable packaging are essential and highlights the benefits of sustainable packaging in a cost constrained world.
25 July 2016

Why The Store Shelf Still Matters To CPG Marketers

In the article Why The Store Shelf Still Matters To CPG Marketers featured on CMO.com, Chris Gretchko, Tetra Pak’s vice president of marketing, discusses how CPG brands can seek to attract new customers and retain existing ones through package design. 
20 July 2016

Consumer Habits and the Future of Milk

Ten years ago, when refrigerators in most American households contained a single gallon of milk, consumers’ dairy decisions were rather simple.

These days, however, there are many more choices. Modern consumers are increasingly stocking their fridges and pantries with a variety of dairy beverages, ranging from organic and lactose-free varieties to value-added and flavored milks.

As the dairy category expands, what does it mean for the future of milk?
15 June 2016

How Dairy Brands can Reach Health-Conscious Millennials

Millennials (individuals born between 1982 and 2004) are a discerning group of consumers – foodies who care as much about health as they do about their meals. In fact, the majority (63%) see food and drink as a way to improve their health. As a result, millennials are reaching for healthy, on-the-go options that not only suit their busy lifestyles, but provide healthy dietary staples. 
18 May 2016

Maximizing Profitability: A Unique Perspective in Asset Management

In part three of the Tetra Pak 'Insight to Asset Management' video series, Tetra Pak experts offer a unique perspective in the field of asset management to help manufacturers take control of their business and unlock greater value.
09 May 2016

Utilizing Asset Management to Improve Operations

In part two of the ‘Tetra Pak Insight to Asset Management’ video series, industry experts explain how to utilize asset management to improve operations, providing the framework to be competitive within the industry.
22 April 2016

Why 2016 could be the year of bio-based packaging

Consumers around the world are taking an active interest in sustainable living. Going beyond the simple understanding for the need to recycle products after consumption, they are beginning to understand that their purchases make an impact and they expect companies to play a critical role in helping address their environmental concerns. 
12 April 2016

How Packaging Design is Making a Difference

Read about emerging consumer trends, identified from Tetra Pak’s research, and find out how innovative package design is making a positive impact.
07 April 2016

The key to unlocking value

Managers are often tasked with aligning the strategic objectives of their company with its day-to-day operations and activities. Our new video series explores the complex process of managing assets and unlocking value within a company.
23 March 2016

Emerging Trends and Innovations from Expo West 2016

Natural Products Expo West 2016 attracted more than 3,000 companies and more than 77,000 attendees this year - here is a snapshot of the most popular trends we saw this year.