03 March 2016

Modern milk – a consumer-driven evolution

Milk is a tasty source of nutrition, but is dairy keeping pace with busy lifestyles? Here are some top trends that highlight the opportunities.
29 January 2016

Tetra Pak's Elisabeth Comere predicts 4 major food and beverage packaging trends for 2016

In her latest column with Triple Pundit, Elisabeth Comere predicts 2016 will be a year food and beverage leaders simultaneously invest in solutions that maximize resource value and reduce their carbon footprint.

23 December 2015

Aseptic keeps coconut water preserved in its packaged shell

At a time when health-conscious consumers are clamoring for what seems to be the impossible—nutritious, delicious, low-calorie fare—coconut water saved the day in the beverage market.
18 December 2015

What customers want

Want to see a healthy increase in your sales? Add natural and/or healthy foods and beverages to your product mix. Sales in this category are expected to reach $226 billion by 2018, according to New Hope Natural Media, organizer of Natural Products Expo West.
18 December 2015

10 magazines agree: Gender is hazy for Millennials

It may be time to throw the proverbial "baby out with the bathwater" given the gender-blurring proclivities of 80-million plus Millennials, now 18-32 and the largest generation to ever exist.
16 December 2015

Shoppers opt for innovative kids beverage offerings

Parents' time is more precious than ever today thanks to packed work, school and activity schedules that leave little time for shopping. So when parents do hit the grocery store, they are far more likely to notice what stands out as they turn on the auto-pilot and cruise through the kids beverage aisle.
16 December 2015

Sambazon’s cleanse drinks combine health, flavor and environmentalism

From spicy cayenne lemonade with acerola cherry to Brazil nut milk with cashews, cocoa and cinnamon, 'purifying' health beverages made a splash at BevNET's New Beverage Showdown, June 4-5, 2013, at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City.
16 December 2015

Building innovation as a business capability

Innovation is one of the most widely used yet poorly understood concepts in the management lexicon, explains "Mr. Creativity" and author of "Innovation Nation," expert John Kao. In this inspirational video, he discusses how America is losing its innovation edge, why it matters, how we can get it back and how to apply his expertise and tips to other organizations. 
01 December 2015

3 entry points to innovation

Thanks to the lightning-fast tech industry, where start-ups can be valued at millions within months of launching, the current business environment is characterized by speed and change. It has spawned a charge for companies to "innovate or die," and "develop new revenue streams," notes innovation strategist Carsten Kolbek in a CNBC interview. "And for that, you need innovation," he says.
24 June 2015

3 potentially profitable functional dairy trends

Milk consumption may be falling, but functional foods are riding high with global sales that hit $43.27B in 2013, up 26.7% in four years, and are predicted to rise another 25% to $54B by 2017, according to Leatherhead Food Research. The U.S. is expected to be the world’s fastest-growing region. By bolstering offerings with innovative functional dairy beverages, producers can position themselves to capture some of the magic.