15 June 2016
As busy millennials become increasingly health-conscious, they’re seeking healthier options that provide the nutrition they need on-the-go. 
Millennials (individuals born between 1982 and 2004) are a discerning group of consumers – foodies who care as much about health as they do about their meals. In fact, the majority (63%) see food and drink as a way to improve their health. As a result, millennials are reaching for healthy, on-the-go options that not only suit their busy lifestyles, but provide healthy dietary staples.
This is a significant new trend. As the current most powerful purchasing generation (spending approximately $600 billion each year), millennials have become a disruptive force in the food and beverage industry.
At Tetra Pak we’re continuously analyzing trends to get more insight into the eating, drinking and purchasing habits of this powerful consumer group. To meet the expectations of millennials, we must take a close look at their consumption habits and behaviors, leveraging what is inherently beneficial to dairy while delivering products that keep the industry and its products relevant.
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