03 May 2018
by the Tetra Pak Editorial team
As consumer demand for cheese continues to grow, producers are looking for innovative technologies to increase yield and reduce costs – solutions that make the most out of every drop of milk.
Earlier this year, industry leaders gathered at the International Cheese Technology Expo (ICTE), the world’s largest cheese and whey processing expo that highlights the latest in dairy processing and packaging equipment.
Industry leader Tetra Pak showcased their entire line of cheese making technology at ICTE this year, including several innovative technology solutions:
  • Tetra Pak® Cheese Vat Yieldmaster 2: the highest yielding cheese vat on the market today
  • Tetra Pak® Membrane Scope: a new diagnostic tool for membrane filtration systems
  • Model 1812 filtration pilot plant: a portable plant designed to test membrane function, which can be scaled up quickly and efficiently
  • Liquid filled cheese technology: offering cheese makers a new way to produce and package fresh, high moisture cheese
ICTE also offered the opportunity to welcome Johnson Industries to the Tetra Pak family. The addition of Johnson Industries and their expertise in mozzarella cheese production broadens Tetra Pak’s portfolio, offering customers a full range of solutions that can be customized to meet their needs.
Take a peek at some of the innovative technologies that are helping cheese producers get the most out of their operations:
Tetra Pak also debuted their new Membrane Scope at ICTE. See how this first-of-its-kind diagnostic technology delivers innovation in membrane filtration leak detection:

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