14 February 2018
by the Tetra Pak Editorial team
As consumers look for new and innovative food and beverage choices, savvy brands that want agility as they bring new products to market are turning to contract manufacturers to get the job done.  
Contract manufacturers play an important role in the U.S. marketplace, working with brands and retailers to develop products and deliver them to market quickly, efficiently and at the lowest possible cost. 
Tetra Pak works closely with contract manufacturers to help them meet the needs of food and beverage brands and, thus, the end consumer. By equipping contract manufacturers with the latest technologies and equipment that offers optimal speed and efficiency, Tetra Pak helps food and beverage brands tap into the latest in packaging and processing technology without the capital investment.
For example, contract manufacturer Gossner Foods recently added a new packaging solution to its lineup – the Tetra Pak® A6 line, which produces the Tetra Evero® carton. Tetra Evero is the world’s first aseptic carton bottle and is the ideal package for beverage brands that want to stand out on the shelf.
With a vast North American co-packing network, Tetra Pak helps connect food and beverage brands to the contract manufacturer best positioned to help them bring a product to market.

See how Tetra Pak has worked with Gossner Foods to deliver innovative contract manufacturing solutions:

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