18 May 2016
By Tetra Pak Editorial Team 
Food and beverage manufacturers today face pressure across the value chain to maximize profitability while balancing cost, risk and performance.

In part three of the Tetra Pak 'Insight to Asset Management' video series, Tetra Pak experts offer a unique perspective in the field of asset management to help manufacturers take control of their business and unlock greater value.

Why Tetra Pak Asset Management?
Tetra Pak’s goal is to help businesses develop an aligned organizational approach where activities on the factory floor deliver on boardroom goals. 

Benchmarking and Driving Improvements
Johan Paulsson, Manager Asset Management at Tetra Pak, explains how Tetra Pak offers unique and insightful benchmarking against peers. 

How we use Data
Peter Sundin, Manager within Maintenance Management at Tetra Pak, shares how Tetra Pak has collected data and feedback from field service engineers to predict maintenance needs. 

Working with the Industrial Internet of Things
Ulf Hagman, Maintenance Development Manager at Tetra Pak discusses the Industrial Internet of Things and how Tetra Pak’s history of data collection will provide a head start in this new era.

To learn more about how food and beverage manufacturers can create more value from their current assets, visit http://bit.ly/1rlGwI4.

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