07 November 2016
By Tetra Pak Editorial Team

For the second installment in our blog series covering the Tetra Pak Index, we are looking at the way juice is consumed around the world and what those trends may mean for the food and beverage industry here. Research shows that North American consumers are actively embracing ethnic food and increasingly willing to sample fare from other corners of the globe. In the United States, more than 75 percent of surveyed consumers consumed ethnic food within the past three months and in Canada, more than 50 percent of survey respondents agree that they are more open to eating ethnic-inspired foods compared to a few years ago.
Brands need only look at coconut water’s meteoric rise in America – long popular in Asia and Latin America – for evidence that they should be paying attention to global juice trends. So in the spirit of looking for the next coconut water, what can we learn from other markets that could capture consumer interest here in North America?
Here’s what we found on where global consumers are enjoying their juice and what they want out of it:

While translating these findings for North American-based consumers can take time and investment (we recently wrote about how pilot plants help companies clear one major hurdle in the development process), there are some things brands can do today to draw in new audiences. In our third and final installment on the Tetra Pak Index, we’ll take a look at one – social media. Stay tuned to find out which juice brands are excelling in influencer engagement and community management. And if you missed the first installment, check it out here.
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