16 December 2015
Parents' time is more precious than ever today thanks to packed work, school and activity schedules that leave little time for shopping. So when parents do hit the grocery store, they are far more likely to notice what stands out as they turn on the auto-pilot and cruise through the kids beverage aisle.

So what catches their eye?

Drinks that feature unique, colorful packaging and exotic flavor combinations have seen dramatic sales growth in recent years. For example, nectars comprising a range of fruit and vegetable combinations saw a 75 percent increase in 2012.

Families appreciate the vibrant, geometrically shaped boxes and fruity varieties of coconut water as well as blends of juice and milk. And just as kids welcome novelty in their toys, they gravitate to inventive designs on the shelves and ask their parents to buy them.

Generation Z Kids Influence Beverage Decisions

Despite families’ interest in youth drinks, overall, in 2012, manufacturers targeted just 61 of the more than 800 new beverage market entrants to children. That means beverage-makers have a long way to go before the market becomes saturated with novelties.

One category primed for reinvention is juice, which offers a chance to develop a wide variety of flavors and options. Possibilities range from different percentages of juice to the milk-juice blends that have been so popular in Europe. Families gravitate towards them because children adore the taste and parents appreciate their nutritional attributes.

So, with growth opportunities in the children’s drinks market still wide open, companies should experiment and innovate by maximizing unusual packaging shapes and distinctive flavor blends that appeal to a broad range of palates. With the right combination of features, they can come up with options that please the young consumers they’re targeting and their parents.

Learn how creating specialty flavors and using innovative packaging in the kids beverage aisle increases consumption in this Brand Packaging column.

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