25 July 2016
By Tetra Pak Editorial Team 
From Facebook to Twitter and beyond, consumer packaged good (CPG) marketers have more options than ever to tell their brand stories to consumers online. But amid all the well-deserved hype around digital marketing, let’s not make the mistake of forgetting about the real world.

Just visit the beverage aisle of pretty much any grocery store in the nation. It rapidly becomes very clear just how important point of sale continues to be in our industry.

The hardest-working brand message is what people see on the shelf. Faced with today’s seemingly unlimited options and unending market fragmentation, consumers are looking for options that connect with their priorities and create lasting value that goes well beyond price.

In the article Why The Store Shelf Still Matters To CPG Marketers featured on CMO.com, Chris Gretchko, Tetra Pak’s vice president of marketing, discusses how CPG brands can seek to attract new customers and retain existing ones through package design. 

Learn more about how package design is making a difference.
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