29 January 2016

Tetra Pak's Elisabeth Comere predicts 4 major food and beverage packaging trends for 2016

In her latest column with Triple Pundit, Elisabeth Comere predicts 2016 will be a year food and beverage leaders simultaneously invest in solutions that maximize resource value and reduce their carbon footprint.

15 December 2015

Millennials prefer carton soup compared with traditional packaging formats

With 64 percent of young consumers preferring soup in cartons compared with other packaging, Millennials are helping to reverse a 10-year decline in the soup category. Tetra Pak cartons are the final ingredient for smarter living. The unique packaging process protects taste and nutrition without preservatives, and cartons use one-third of the packaging compared with other formats...even the shell of an egg.
01 December 2015

Sustainability Progress Report: A Year Of Success

In its 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations challenges companies, governments and private citizens to spend the next 15 years increasing responsible resource consumption and production, tackling climate change and working together toward important goals. In its 2015 sustainability update, Tetra Pak demonstrates strong commitment to achieving progress in these and other vital areas. 
23 November 2015

Moving to the Front to embrace renewability

The fact is, recycling, which addresses the back end of packaging life cycle, has gone beyond ‘the accepted’ to ‘the expected’ across the world. Still, the world’s migration to recycling practices is a story of unprecedented partnership and leadership, and we at Tetra Pak have been proud to be an industry leader in the recycling movement. Moving to the Front - A call for a new industry commitment to renewability.
22 November 2015

7 steps to help address resource scarcity in your supply chain

Research from The University of Tennessee’s John E. Bell, Ph.D., points to seven steps that supply chain managers can follow to mitigate and manage natural resource scarcity
01 October 2015

3 key strategies for food & beverage sustainability leaders to remain competitive

Food and beverage sustainability leaders will face three key challenges in the future: dematerialization, resource security of quality raw materials and considering the full lifecycle of packaging design. As we look for ways to remain competitive within our industry, some of the solutions are within our power.
18 May 2015

Learning as we go: A report from the recycling policy front

Despite past efforts to increase recycling, the recycling rate in the United States sits idle at 34%. This is a far cry from where it needs to be if circular material flows are what we're truly striving to achieve. Once a taboo topic, policy tools are increasingly being recognized as an integral component of recycling programs that achieve higher than average diversion rates.
15 April 2015

Moving to the Front for the triple bottom line

Guest post about renewability from Rory Schmick is the Director of Sustainability and Environmental Affairs at Pacific Foods, a recognized leader in natural and organic foods located just outside of Portland, Oregon.
23 October 2014

Recyclable producers concerned by Green Fence

Recycling continues to be a major concern for NGOs, governments, and consumers—especially the huge and growing population of environmentally conscious Gen Y and Z consumers.
18 June 2014

Top 5 carton recycling myths debunked

We have gathered the most frequently referenced myths surrounding carton recycling in an effort to dispel them.