05 June 2017
Today marks the United Nation’s World Environment Day, a day designed to encourage worldwide awareness and action for environmental protection. But this day is more than just a personal celebration of environmental action. It’s an opportunity to recognize that environmental excellence is not just corporate social responsibility, but a critical business driver to foster growth and create value.
Tetra Pak believes that, at their core, environmental problems are business problems. If companies no longer have access to natural resources needed for operations, or if those scarce resources become highly expensive, they have a business problem. Likewise, if environmentally conscious consumers stop buying certain products, or if companies are not prepared to meet current and future environmental regulations, they stand to lose profits. On the other hand, environmental excellence creates value for businesses in terms of revenue generation, cost reduction and brand equity, in addition to protecting our natural environment.
So, there’s no better day for Tetra Pak to reinforce our commitment to practices and product innovations aimed to further reduce the environmental impact of our operations and our products. We know such innovation will prepare us for a sustainable future, but it will also help you, our customers, reduce your environmental impact and meet your sustainability goals.
To help you meet these objectives, Tetra Pak has launched a variety of innovations and new technologies that can limit waste and product loss, as well as reduce energy and water consumption and decrease carbon emissions. Here are a few examples:
  • New Tetra Brik® Aseptic 1000 Edge with Bio-based LightCap™ 30, which uses a bio-based plastic film and cap made from polymers derived from sugar cane. Combined with the paperboard, the share of materials from renewable sources in the package reaches over 80%, leading to a 17% lower carbon footprint than a standard package.
  • New filtration technology that makes it possible to recover 90% of previously lost wastewater in dairy processing plants – with potential savings of up to 1.6 million gallons of water and 820,000 gallons of milk each year. 
  • New non-toxic dry lubricants that allow processors to reduce lubricant use by 70%, reducing hazardous waste disposal.
  • New technologies that increase cleaning efficiency of tanks and that boost water recovery from homogenizers and filling machines, reducing water consumption by 30% and 95% respectively.
  • New Tetra Pak® E3 filling machines, which use the revolutionary eBeam technology in the packaging material sterilization process, removing the need for hydrogen peroxide and reducing the energy consumption by 33%.
On this World Environment Day, we celebrate technologies like the above that help food processors reduce their environmental impact while also driving streamlined operations and cost savings. After all, environmental excellence is good for the planet, but it’s also good for business.
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