14 October 2016
By Elisabeth Comere, director environment & government affairs for the U.S. and Canada

Editorial note: This is an excerpt from an article originally published in Triple Pundit on October 11, 2016.
Globally, the sustainable packaging market is expected to hit $244 billion by 2018. While this number reflects activities across a variety of industries, there’s little doubt that awareness and interest in sustainable packaging is growing, both in the food and beverage industry and beyond.

The significant growth reflects a new reality when it comes to the characteristics of consumers. Numerous studies have shown that consumers want products to be sustainably packaged – and that they are willing to spend more money on products that are sustainable and products from companies that are socially responsible.

But do consumer purchasing behaviours related to sustainable packaging follow their opinions on the topic? That’s a million-dollar question and the answer is not straightforward given research into purchasing habits is typically based on consumer intent rather than follow-through.  To help companies and brand owners answer this question, we examine a number of interrelated questions from the consumer perspective. 
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