14 December 2017
It seemed like any other day in the school cafeteria – except for one small change. Instead of the usual gable-top milk packages, students at 18 Colorado elementary and middle schools were offered white and chocolate milk in aseptic packaging during the 2015-2016 school year. The response from students was enthusiastic.

By the end of this pilot milk program, there was a 58% increase in elementary school students choosing milk and milk consumption among middle school students doubled. The additional milk consumption had other benefits: daily lunches served by the schools rose 6% and logistical control, efficiency and flexibility also increased. 

The findings from this program hint at a bigger opportunity for dairy companies to grow market share by educating consumers about the flavor, naturalness and other benefits of shelf-stable milk. Milk processors looking to grow sales of aseptic dairy products to all consumers (not just students) may want to consider the following ideas.

Explore the full article in Dairy Foods here.

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